Sir Baldwin

Rider of Destiny


Sir Baldwin was a giant of a man standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing 320 pounds in his stockings. His plain brown hair was usually unkempt and he seemed to perpetually have a days worth of beard growth no matter how often he shaved.


Characters can make a Knowledge History or Nobility to learn more about Sir Baldwin.

DC 10 – Sir Baldwin came from a minor noble family and gained quite a reputation for his abilities as a horseman and as a lancer in the joust. He was fearless in the face of his enemies.
DC 15 – He was known affectionately as “bull-e” or “bull” some believed do to his size and strength, but also because for unknown reasons his family’s crest featured a bull elephant. He was once gifted a magic shield by an elven noble he saved while hunting in the Bramblewood forest. He was the last male in his family and after returning from stopping the White Rider he was married to the kings sister. As a member of the royal family he was entombed in the national cathedral to Iomedae, in Lopolla.
DC 20 – Sir Baldwin was made ambassador to the Elves of the Bramblewood and spent most of the year there only returning for tournament season. Sir Baldwin never had any children and when he died so did his family name died with him.

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Sir Baldwin

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