human Male Councilor from Zeif


Beyar’s broad face is almost always smiling. He walks with a pronounced limp and has to make frequent stops to rest, usually laughing as he does. Beyar is also terrible with names and so he regularly assigns nicknames to those around him rarely with their consent.


Beyar is the current khan’s youngest brother. When he was a boy the young future Khan challenged him to ride a horse while standing. Beyar fell off and shattered his knee, giving him a permanent limp. Many also believe he hit his head and that the accident accounts for both his idiotic demeanor, and the reason the khan dotes on him, out of guilt. He has no official position within the government and between his constant smiling and forgetting names most assume he is an idiot. He is however beloved by his brother and usually gets anything he asks for, including representing the Zief this year.

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