Colette Abigail Overton


Horse: Black Quarter Horse. Named The Black Queen.

Appearance: 5ft 5in. 20 years old. Blue black hair. Light skin. Worn in long braids. Black cowboy hat, dark blue clothing including a black long neckerchief (note: she wears pants when not in public at a social gathering) and dark roper boots. She does not wear spurs as she finds them barbaric and doesn’t need them to handle her horses. Elf.
During any public appearances with her family she wears the standard female dress type of the time.
Class: Ranger/Rogue-Scout.

Specialties: Whips, bolas, and lasso, especially from horseback.
High Ride ability. Stealthy recon with horse. Perception.


Colette was born and raised in Ull, a niece to the famous Grayson. Her family’s ranch, The Overton
Downs, focused mostly on the breeding, training and sale of horses rather than Auroch ranching. An
Overton horse was a quality horse, known throughout the land as the fastest and longest enduring of the
Ull horses.

Colette spent her teenage years helping manage the ranch, doing chores and utilizing the training
equipment on the grounds to further her passion for all things horses. Her uncle Grayson was a constant
presence in her life, and was very influential on the formation of her ideology. She knew she would
never be the strongest in life, so she vowed to use her speed and her horse to help curb the corruption
of the Auroch land barons. She continually grows as an expert in recon, gathering evidence without
being detected, and can do just about anything off of horseback.
Family meals were particularly important to Colette, as it’s when she got to see her uncle and relay
any information to him that would help him in his quest for equality and justice. She quickly
became an important asset to Grayson. The land barons were arrogant enough to overlook the sweet
looking Colette as the person that made Grayson seem almost omniscient in his knowledge of their
underhanded dealings.

Colette Abigail Overton

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