Human Male Councilor from Ull


Grayson is a tall, thin lipped, scarecrow of a man. He is rarely seen without some kind of food in his hand or mouth and regularly asks questions that seemingly have no purpose or relevance.


Grayson is not a member of the elite auroch barons. He is actually a retired marshal who had quite the reputation for fairness, tenacity, and ruthlessness when it came to bringing in a criminal, no matter who they were. This has not gone over well with all the auroch barons and Grayson has survived many attempts on his life. He was so good at his job in fact that the barons no longer felt safe doing business as usual when he was around. Continued attempts on his life were no longer an option as he had become a bit of a legend and the people absolutely loved him. The barons then did the only thing they could think of, they made him a judge. As it turns out it was a brilliant move since he applied his even handed sense of justice to all who entered his court, even a dispute between barons would get a fair hearing. All agreed this appointment had legitimized the Ull court system. Now retired The barons felt he was a perfect man to represent Ull at the gathering.

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