Human male from Ekbir, Original Rider of Destiny


Said to have been a short and stocky man of unusual quickness. He favored kimono’s the colors of the of earth and forest. Pale skinned and dark haired Isamu was said to have forgone the traditional top Knot for a simple ponytail.


Isamu was was an archer of great renown even before he became a rider of destiny. He lived a quiet, almost monastic lifestyle in a simple cottage at the edge of the woods. Isamu did not live to see his home again after leaving to stop the White Rider, but his remains were returned to his family by the survivors.

DC 10 – Known to have been an archer of great skill particularly adept at hunting and tracking. Isamu was also a gifted falconer always traveling with his prized bird, Ota.
DC 15 – In combat Isamu’s bow was known to change color from the light blond wood to a deep bloody crimson with the more kills he made with it. It was a gift for his loyalty from his lord. Isamu’s ashes are said to have been kept in the family shrine on their property in the village of Fashtri, even today.
DC 20 – Isamu’s Lord did not give him the bow to reward him for his loyalty but as a constant test of his loyalty since he was jealous of Isamu’s superior skills and moral fiber. The bow was a constant test of these characteristics.

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