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Jalal was often called the Desert Rose. She was tall and had impossibly delicate features. Her dark hair fell nearly to her ankles and she always dressed in silk robes that were often colored to match the plants she worked with.


Jalal was renowned for both her beauty and her kindness. She was also known for being more interested in her plants than in men and suitors found it frustrating enough quit when all their efforts went unrequited. This was even more true when she returned from fighting against the White Rider. Many a Sheik sough the hand of Jalal, now even more famous and all left wanting until it was clear that she was going to choose none of them.

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DC 10 – Jalal was a miracle worker with plants and could coax them to grow and even thrive in the harshest environments. She would make a yearly circuit out to many desert oasis’ to tend to their plants and ensure their health. This made her beloved by the Bedouin who declared no harm should befall her. She made her home into a botanical garden called the eternal garden and opened it to viewing by the public.
DC 15 – Nobody really knows what happened to Jalal. One day she just stopped appearing in public and eventually no one could recall the last time they had seen her. Some claim that she is not dead and has a second secret home deep in the desert where she comes to the aid of lost travelers about to die. There are many tales of having seen a shadowy figure of a woman watching people from a distance.
DC 20 – Jalal was an elf. When she returned from fighting the White Rider she was more withdrawn and focussed on her work. She continued to assist others but with a quiet sadness. No one where or even if she has died but her last known location was her own garden.

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