Halfling Male Councilor from Tusmit


In addition to standing just over 2 1/2 feet tall and always keeps his uniform impeccable. Jarek is distinctive in another way, he is missing his left arm at the elbow.


Despite his size Jarek wanted nothing more than to serve his country. When he was old enough he joined the military along with his contemporaries though he did receive quite a lot of ribbing due to his size. This only inspired him to work at being the best soldier he could be. Often placed into support roles Jarek would always volunteer for any mission he could that might see combat. It was while on one of these missions that he lost his arm to a wild boar, Jarek thought his career was over. Not wishing to be a burden to society he spent his time in recovery learning as much about other peoples and cultures as he could. After fully recovering he applied for the Foreign Expeditionary Service as a translator and was accepted. Since ten he has moved from translator to Assistant Chief Negotiator and is chiefly responsible for arranging contracts and logistics for the Service.

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