Rider of Destiny


Lash was a slight woman that barely stood over five feet in height. She had dark hair and cold blue eyes. It is believed by many that she was not even a woman but the spirit of vengeance come to free the people from the yolk of the auroch barons.


For detailed information about Lash make a Knowledge History or Nobility check.
Knowledge History or Nobility Check
DC 10 – The Lash to to a life of vigilantism after being personally wronged by an auroch baron.
DC 15 – She did not survive the battle with the White Rider and was brought to a small church dedicated to Cayden Cailean to be buried, in the town of Kester.
DC 20 – Her grave is said to have been robbed by her enemies the auroch barons the night after her burial, but no one has ever taken responsibility for it. She was a cleric of Calistria.

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