Auroch's Bane

Item of Power

weapon (melee)

+1 Brilliant Energy Whip
This weapon does lethal damage and as such affects creatures regardless of their natural armor. Instead of dropping the whip when a trip attempt fails the welder can, as a free action, depress the activation stud and turn the whip off to prevent his opponent from gaining a trip attack in response.


Legend has it that a sadistic land owner had this whip crafted and liked to use it on young ladies. One such lady did not care for the treatment and in an effort to escape killed the man. She took the whip vowing to never again see it used on an innocent person and used it to fight injustice anywhere she found it. No one ever knew her name but referred to her as the Lash of Justice, or just Lash. The whip itself looks like a braided leather rod about a foot long, an inch and a half thick, with a single brass stud on one end. As a free action the wielder can depress the stud and a bright blue whip of energy extends outward.

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Auroch's Bane

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