Blood Bow

Item of Power

weapon (ranged)

• +1 Composite long bow
When an arrow is fired, the wielder has the option of granting the bow additional abilities at the cost of their own hit points as a free action. Multiple hit points can be expended per arrow at a maximum rate of 1 hp per character level. Each expenditure of hit points affects only one arrow. This ability can be used as many times a round as there are arrows fired.
• The bow can increase its enchantment bonus by +1 per hp spent, to a max of +5
• This bow can increase its own pull making it a strength bow tailored to the wielder’s strength for 1 hp
• The bow can enchant the arrows so they take on an energy type descriptor. This does not grant additional damage but does effect creatures as though the damage were of that type. This is at a cost of 1 hp per energy type, 2 hp for sonic.
• The bow’s magic can also alter the chemical consistency of its arrows allowing the arrow heads to be altered. Silver/mithral, or cold iron 1 hp; Adamantine 2 hp; or brilliant energy for 4 hp
• The arrow can take on an alignment descriptor for 2 hp. It can have multiple alignment descriptors but they cannot be in opposition to each other.
• It can take on the special abilities of Conductive, Distance, Grayfire, Merciful, or Seeking for 1 hp.
All damages sacrificed to the bow can be healed by normal or magical means and the color change in the bow itself fades after one hour without use.


Service to one’s lord, even at the expense of one’s own life is the hallmark of a true warrior in Ekbir. Unfortunately this is usually a one way relationship. There was once a petty and paranoid lord who had in his employ a warrior of such virtue that he felt his own reputation paled by comparison. The Warrior, Isamu, was also renowned for his skill with a bow. Fearing that Isamu would kill him and take his place the Lord commissioned The Blood Bow. It is a composite Longbow made of blonde woods with the words “Duty, Honor, and Sacrifice,” inlaid into it. The Lord wanted a weapon that was a constant reminder of Isamu’s place. At its face the weapon is a simple magic longbow, but the user can unlock greater and greater abilities at a cost. For each arrow fired with additional abilities the bow takes a toll, in blood. As it does so, the veins in the wood start to darken, first taking on a pinkish hew and eventually darkening to a deep crimson.

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Blood Bow

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