Mundane Equipment

A variety of useful things

Item Price Weight
Aspergillum 5 gp 3 lb.
Aspergillum (silver) 50 gp 3 lb.
Bandoleer 5 sp ½ lb.
Bandoleer, Masterwork 50 gp 1 lb.
Hammock 1 sp 2 lb.
Insect Netting 5 gp 1 lb.
Potion Belt 1 gp 1 lb.
Potion Belt, Masterwork 60 gp 1.5 lb.
Scroll Organizer 5 gp 1/2 lb.
Tattoo 5-50 gp -
Tattoo, Masterwork 55+ gp -

Aspergillum: This lightweight metal device resembles a small club or light mace. Each contains a reservoir that can hold up to three flasks of holy water. By shaking the aspergillum as a Standard Action, you can sprinkle one flask of holy water on a target within reach. This is a melee touch attack (which does not provoke attacks of opportunity). An aspergillum does not require any proficiency to use. Silver aspergillum are often used ceremonially in larger churches.
Bandoleer: Commonly found in Ull, bandoleers are a leather belt that has loops and pouches for carrying small items up to 1 lb. each. It is usually worn across the chest. The standard bandoleer can hold eight items. The masterwork Bandoleer holds twelve items.
Hammock: an innovation of the Zeif, a hammock is a hemp or linen blanket with sturdy cords woven into it so that it can be strung up between two trees or other vertical supports. It is used for sleeping, keeping the user off the ground. When used aboard ships it keeps the user level while the ship rolls.
Insect Netting: Both people and insects gather around what little water there is in Udru and out of that forced interaction came insect netting. Made of finely meshed silk when they are draped around a sleeping person they keep out normal insects (Fine vermin). It does not help in keeping out magical effects that employ such creatures.
Potion Belt: This sturdy leather belt, similar to a bandoleer, has pockets shaped to hold potion vials with ties and flaps to keep the potions from falling out. Retrieving a potion is a swift action. The potion belt holds six potions. A masterwork Potion belt is extremely well made and can hold up to ten potions.
Scroll Organizer: This long strip of leather has an overlapping series of fifteen pockets sewn along one side, each large enough to hold a scroll with a single spell. When a scroll is slipped into a pocket only the top of the scroll shows allowing you to easily scan the scrolls title.
Tattoo: Tattoos exist in all cultures for a variety of reasons spanning from self expression, to organizational affiliation, to commemorate a particular event, or to brand a criminal. The more expressive the tattoo the higher the cost, these tattoos can often be completed in a single session though it may take several hours.
Tattoo, Masterwork: These tattoos represent a more extreme commitment, are large, often multi colored, can take many sessions to complete, and have the following specific effects, based on the type of tattoo you get. A character can only have one masterwork Tattoo.

  • Intimidating:Sometimes these tattoos are trophies of past conquests, totemic representations, or simply fearsome designs. They are intended to provoke fear in those who view them. Anyone with Intimidating tattoos receives a +2 bonus to Intimidate skill checks, but receives a penalty of -2 to Diplomacy Skill checks.
  • Flashy: These often bright and colorful tattoos adorn the body and are used to enhance the performance of the person wearing them. Anyone with a Flashy tattoo receives a +2 to their performance checks but these tattoos are designed to draw attention and as such the wearer also receives a -2 penalty to their stealth checks.
  • Societal: These Tattoos represent inclusion into one group or another. It could be a culture, guild, religious order, criminal syndicate, specialized military unit, etc. When interacting with other members of their group the PC automatically has the starting reaction of the other members improved by one step. When interacting with members of other groups that are either at cross purposes or downright opposed to the PC’s group, even temporarily, the starting reaction of the NPC is worse by two steps.

Mundane Equipment

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