Riders of Destiny

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Session 1

As our campaign opens our heroes travel from far and wide to participate in The Gathering on Council Rock. After many days of revelry and sport the great race begins and so does the council meeting. Before anything can be decided though, everything is thrown into turmoil at the sudden re-appearance of the White Rider. He had been attacking smaller settlements all over the lands of the horse and taking women. Refugees poured in and the emergency brought a new focus to the gathering. It was decided that until the council heard from the rulers of their individual territories they would hold up on council rock and protect the survivors. Our heroes volunteered to seek out The Witch along with Councilor Hakim to see if she could offer some advice as she had the last time the White Rider brought suffering to the land.

Session 2

Our heroes accompanied by Councilor Hakim traveled north to the village of Nafiq. As they crossed into Zeif from the plains of the Paynim they came across two goblin riders mounted on goblin dogs setting a yurt on fire. They quickly dispatched the dogs and riders and saved the family trapped inside the burning yurt. They then took the family to the fishing village of Nafiq where they met Sheriff Bataar. The Sheriff kindly looked after their horses while they took the “ghost boat” that Hakim found to the island of Zirat.
Having reached the island at night they camped in an empty waterfront tavern and soon learned a lesson about setting watches as the were beset upon by a trio of hungry octopi. After the attack Colette Abigail Overton kept watch and saw a torch bobbing up and down in the distance. At dawn the party went to find the source of the torch and found The Witch’s cave. They were invited up and she was forthcoming with information but demanded a steep price from the party, her own death. She told the party about The White Rider and that to defeat hi they needed to find the resting places of the previous seven riders and gather from them an item imbued with a piece of their spirit. the PCs stayed the night and in the morning Thadeus killed her. upon her death her form reverted to that of a disgusting green hag.

Armed with this new information the party returned to Nafiq only to find that Hakim had died peacefully on the return trip. One last piece of information the PCs gathered was that the potential location of two of the riders of destiny. Ganzorigmay be buried in the Valley of the Dead in Zeif, and Jalal’s last known location was in the Eternal Garden located half a day outside Kanak.

Journal Entry 1- Collette

The other volunteers from Council Rock, of whom only one speaks my mothertongue,and I set off from Council Rock set to the north and slighty west with Councilor Hakim. Our destination was the fishing village of Nafiq. While riding through Zeif from Paynim we rode upon a pair of those wretched goblins on goblin dogs. They had set a yurt on fire and trapped a nice little family inside. My companions proved worthy in the challenge. Kimura translated that the family wished safe passage to Nafiq. Of course we were happy to do so. When we arrived at Nafiq, it was obvious they had met with goblins and the White Rider. Many of there buidlings had been destroyed, but their skill with boats had saved many of the people. We met Sheriff Bataar, a very capable seeming women who rose to the postion of Sheriff after the attack on their village. She seemed an ally, wanting to help us procure a boat, but dubious as to whether people would help us. Apparently, Nafiq is full of very superstitious people. Reminds me of some of the self-righteous church heads back home.
Hakim located us a boat, or rather, a boat located him. The boat guided itself to the island that we sought. I know of my race’s predisposition for the arcane arts, but having had little exposure in Ull with my human family, I was a bit unnerved during the experience.
We reached the island at dark and camped in an abandoned inn/pub. A rather exciting night after discovering that octopi can navigate land, and attack people in their sleep! Mutaharik almost became supper. Thank goodness my rapier was handy. After the dust had settled, and the octopi had been dealt with (so wierd!) I kept watch until dawn. A few hours before daybreak I saw a clear fire signal down the beach, but wasn’t too concerned. By that point, I had figured that the witch very clearly was leading us by the nose. When all awoke and did their…morning duties (note to self:need a good washing!) we set upon Witch’s cave. The women was pale and frail, but seemingly warm and friendly. She made Thadeus swear an oath that he would do her a favor in the morning, and that no innocent should come to harm (I have the worst feeling about THAT). She told us of The White Rider. He is a new Rider, summoned by another for a dark and as of yet unknown purpose. To defeat him we to find the resting places, (or the riders themselves) of the Riders of Destiny. All seven riders had an item imbued with a lick or two of their spirit, and we need all of the items to settle this battle. We stayed the night and I had terrible dreams. In the morning Thadeus killed her upon her request while Mutaharik was out praying on the beach, and it turned out she was really a green hag.
Hakim died on the trip home on the boat. He seemed at peace. This whole trip has been exhausting so far, but exilharating. I must share what I know with Uncle.

Journal of Sadik, Entry 1

It has been a tiresome journey for myself and Dave since our departure from council rock, over three weeks past now. I competed in every game which I was eligible for, and am proud to say that I did well in more than one. Dave was not bred or raised for the type of racing that was tasked of us, so I can not blame my friend for underperforming at the track. I feel I represented Tusmit quite well for a man as outclassed and outsized as I was.
Half way through the great race, the white rider returned to make himself known once again. Followed by refugees flooding to find sanctuary from every direction. We now know through our meeting with the witch that it is not the same white rider, but a puppet of a new more powerful, and as of yet unseen and unknown foe. The witch also informed us that this new rider has two powerful items in his possession, which she was forced to help him obtain. Our hidden enemy must be powerful indeed to force the ancient hag lend assistance. Unless she was not telling us everything. If only I hadn’t been so tongue tied maybe we would know. No matter now, The Mountain of Ket, had her head off this morning, what we know shall serve well enough.
Since leaving council rock our little party has had a slight issue of language barrier. While I can speak with The Mountain and Kimura, I, and the others have been struggling with the broken common that we share between us. If councilor Hakim had not been with us, we could be lost in tongues. Alas, Hakim, made his timely passing on the boat ride back to Nafiq, where Sheriff Bataar was caring for my companions mounts. With Hakim passing, we once again stand before a communications problem. I spent as much time speaking with the old man and consulting him with my books as the two of us could spare. I also, at the risk of offending the man have eavesdropped on Mutaharik in his prayer, and his speech with the counselor. I think I have picked up enough of the language of the Udru man, and the woman Collete of Ull, to put it all together.
If anything, I hope my ability to translate makes me at least seem of more use to these companions of mine. After last nights attack by the tentacled monstrosities, Dave has proven himself more than I have, having saved the life of The Mountains servant Fergus.
We leave now for the Zeif burial ground of heroes. To find artifacts of the old riders, that we might use them to leverage ourselves against the white riders power.

Session 3
Tabard of Comfort

After meeting with the witch, the party set out to find Ganzorig‘s final resting place. They learned that he was buried in the Valley of the Dead. They also learned the secret to accessing the burial caves inside the valley. Once there they met with some success getting passed the guardians of the valley only needing to sacrifice nine mules and losing Sadik Kritsch’s dog Dave in the process. They also found some additional treasure inside one of the Deathworms that had been split open. After camping and healing the party learned that they had found the Tabard of Comfort, and planned to head for Ekbir next in search of Isamu’s shrine.

Session 4
Into Ekbir

Having passed into and out of the Valley of the Dead in Zeif victorious, the party made their way to the capitol to resupply. Once done they headed up the coast into Ekbir having learned that the Isamu is likely interred at his family’s shrine in their country home outside Fashtri. On the coastal road they were set upon by dire boars, then giant crabs at a washout before reaching the Udgru forest. the weather has turned south blowing cold rain for most of the journey.
A few days into the forest they ran across six Tengu, members of the Yoru Hane (night feathers) a criminal organization. The had surrounded a hut and were extorting the family there. The patriarch Mak and his family are koread, fey, and the tengu thought they might have hidden treasure. Having helped Mak the party continued to head north as the weather worsens.

Session 5
Isamu's Shrine

Having left Mak and his family the party continued to Isamu‘s home and shrine. Fashtri, the nearby town was sacked and empty as was Isamu’s house. Here they again ran into more members of the Yoru Hane, looking to loot the abandoned house. One was allowed to live provided he would swear to cause no harm again to others, if it could be helped. At the Shrine the Party found the item of power the Blood Bow

Session 6
Fort Alya

Continuing their their quest the party next traveled to Ekbir to Fort Alya. On the mountain path up they ran across six hobgoblins and a couple of bugbears and defeated them. On closer inspection it appears that they had been roughed up pretty badly before meeting with the party. When the party got to the fort they found it abandoned and in terrible shape with only a large rooster and cat in residence. Sadly they were both fey and the roster, a fey of ill fortune had been collecting the eggs of some large hostile birds and they had been killing everyone in the fort to protect and retrieve their eggs. Eventually the party returned the eggs to the birds they didn’t kill and they all left. Turning their attention to the rooster the party dealt with it and was rewarded by the cat, a benevolent fey, with the location of Alya’s grave where they recovered the Banner of Leadership

Session 7
The Tomb of Sir Baldwin

The party rode on to Lopolla capitol of Ket where they discovered that Sir Baldwin was entombed in the national cathedral. They were given permission to attempt to retrieve the Shield of the Beastlord, but would have to get past the tomb’s guardians on their own. Having completed that task successfully the party is next bound for Ull.


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