N large city
Corruption +0; Crime +2; Economy +5; Law +2; Lore +5; Society +2
• Academic: The settlement possesses a school, training facility, or university of great renown. (Lore +1, increase spellcasting by 1 level)
• Holy Site: The settlement hosts a shrine, temple, or landmark with great significance to one or more religions. The settlement has a higher percentage of divine spellcasters in its population. (Corruption –2; increase spellcasting by 2 levels)
• Prosperous: The settlement is a popular hub for trade. Merchants are wealthy and the citizens live well. (Economy +1; increase base value by 30%; increase purchase limit by 50%)
• Strategic Location: The settlement sits at an important crossroads or alongside a deepwater port, or it serves as a barrier to a pass or bridge. (Economy +1; increase base value by 10%)
• Tourist Attraction: The settlement possesses some sort of landmark or event that draws visitors from far and wide. (Economy +1; increase base value by 20%)
Danger +10
Government Monarchy
Population 18,000 (14,000 humans; 1,000 dwarves; 1,000 halflings; 500 elves; 1,500 other)
Notable NPCs
Captain of the Guard Jiranda Hollis (LN female human fighter 5)
High Priest Fallor Pollux (LG male human cleric of Iomedea 10)
King Alton Ralderac (N male human aristocrat 4)
Base Value 12,800 gp; Purchase Limit 75,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4

PC’s can learn more by making a Knowledge History or Nobility check.
The results of the knowledge checks are as follows:

DC 10 – Lopolla is the capitol of Ket. It is a great walled stone city and center of trade with both the dwarves who live in their mines in the mountains and the elves that dwell in the Bramblewood forest.
DC 15 – Though there is no official national religion in Ket, the royal family all worship at the national cathedral which is dedicated to Iomedae. Lopolla is also the only major city that has a market featuring wares from the Eastern Empire.
DC 20 – As a member of the Royal family, Sir Baldwin was interred in the crypt under the national cathedral.

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