The Gathering

The Gathering is a great event that takes place every four years. It is held on a large plateau in the Plains of the Paynim called Council Rock. It is here that formal treaties and grievances are hashed out by the council, made up of two representatives from each people.
In addition to the formal duties preformed by the council, there are also contests of horsemanship. One for each people with prizes and honors to the winner. Each people brings one challenge that they judge but do not participate in. these games are intended to be friendly competitions followed by even friendlier celebrations designed to foster good will and build relationships between people of different cultures so that when there is conflict there are people who can get together who know and trust each other to work through the problem.
This Years Councilors are:Satomi and Hui from Ekbir, Shannon and Carlisle from Ket, Miara and Manu from the Paynim, Jarek and Oxana from Tusmit, Hakim and Isra from the Udru, Deacon and Grayson from Ull, and Beyar and Nergui from Zeif.

The major events are:

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