Banner of Leadership

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• When found the banner is faded to white. When claimed the banner changes color and adopts the insignia of the new owner. No matter the insignia the blood spatter still shows brightly as if it were fresh. It takes a year for the flag to fade to white again if it leaves its master’s possession.
• The Banners magic can be used while it is mounted to a spear, lace, frame, pole, planted in the ground like a flag, and it can be carried by its master or by an ally. If the banner is ever knocked to the ground or seized by an enemy the magic ceases to work until the banner is reclaimed and re-hoisted.
• The banner grants the person whose crest it bears a +2 bonus to its leadership score.
• Additionally all allies within 20’ receive a +4 to Will saves vs. fear effects.
• If the master of the banner has the Divine Courage or similar class ability all allies within 20’ are immune to fear effects and all allies within sight of it receive a +4 to Will saves vs. fear effects.
• The wielder can cause a Daylight spell to issue forth from the banner 3 times per day.


The Banner of Leadership was at one time a simple Unit Guide-on mounted over a remote Tusmit fort. During one particularly savage assault from the creatures of the Yatils the walls of the fort were overrun. The Commander ordered a retreat and a young private, Alya, went to gather the guide-on from the roof of the watchtower. Unfortunately the tower was overrun before she could complete the task and was left isolated on the tower. She fought like a mad woman throughout the night and even after losing her own weapons took the guide-on and used it like a spear to keep on fighting. By dawn the commander had managed to get a counter assault organized and when they reached the fort they found a mound of bodies beneath the watchtower. Atop it, barely alive was Alya, still gripping the broken haft of the guide on, holding the bloody banner aloft. Over the years the colors of the original unit have faded to white but the blood spatter still show in bright crimson.

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Banner of Leadership

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