Blanket of the Fallen

Item of Power


When placed on a mount for one day the blankets enchantment absorbs the characteristics of the mount and then if removed from the mount, the blanket can continue on as though still mounted. The blanket has the speed, movement types, relative height off the ground, and carrying capacity of the mount it was last on. Because the blanket can fly if placed on a flying mount a rider may use either the Ride skill or Fly skill while mounted on the blanket. The blanket keeps the characteristics and abilities if its last mount until it is placed on another one. The blanket losses its abilities if it has not been placed on a mount for more than a year until it is again attuned to a new mount.


Jalal, a druid known as the Desert Rose, once entered into a long distance desert race and her horse died halfway through it. It took Jalal several weeks and all her considerable abilities to make it out alive and when she did so she vowed she would never be in that situation again so she commissioned this item from a local wizard she knew. This 5’ x 5’ blanket is woven of the finest cotton and depicts horse racing across the desert at sunset, but the sun has been depicted as a blooming rose.

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Blanket of the Fallen

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