Single edged curved blade

weapon (melee)

The most iconic symbol of the warrior caste is the Katana. Katanas employ multiple types of steel combined in a distinctive forging process. The result are swords noted for their wickedly sharp yet slender, gently curved blades, designed to make graceful hacking strokes capable of severing opponents’ heads and limbs. Though finely balanced, these blades are difficult to master. Characters can use a katana two-handed as a martial weapon, but must take the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (katana) feat to use it one-handed. When this weapon delivers a coup de grace, it gains +4 to damage when calculating the DC of the Fortitude saving throw to see whether the target of the coup de grace dies from the attack. The bonus is not added to the actual damage of the coup de grace attack.


These weapons are carefully crafted in a process that is both physically, and spiritually intensive. The swords are often attributed personalities, usually receive a name,honored by those who carry them, and passed down from generation to generation.

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