Zeif Glaive

Unlike most glaives these weapons have a heavy ring or shpere counterweight on the butt end.

weapon (melee)

The Zeif Glaive is designed to be both used in combat on horseback and on foot. It has a large counter weight on the haft to balance against the weight of the blade. When used like a lance it is balanced to be used in one hand. On foot it can be used as a traditional glaive with reach or as a move action the wielder can switch up to using it as a double weapon without reach(treat the other end as 1d6 bludgeoning damage with a x2 critical multiplier) This is an exotic weapon.


This Glaive was invented by the great Khan, Chara, for his soldiers because he wanted one weapon that could could be interchangeable for his cavalry and footmen alike.

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Zeif Glaive

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